Cooking is a team sport.

And our family is the team.

Cebuana. Born with no spoon of any kind in her mouth. Trained accountant. Better chef.
Traveled extensively throughout asia and ate it all. Gained weight. Explains love/hate relationship with food.
Studied Professional Thai cuisine @ Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute-Bangkok. Lost weight. Explains the impact of walking, 100% humidity and abstaining from lechon and rice at every meal on one’s fitness.
After culinary school, and without investors, quickly opened her first restaurant with a single table–just to practice, (for the eventual opening of guerrera). Woke up one day with 100 seats. Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into? At 29, joined a tiny list of Filipina chefs, not making standard fare, and running her own kitchen from the front.
Proud of her humble past and her hardworking family. Everybody works, nobody collects or expects. Has passed on her knowledge ( and wrath) to dozens of cousins, most of whom remain on staff in Cebu or Camiguin.
In the evening after a glass of wine or two with Mr A.
Fil-am. Native New Yorker. Been playing with his food since birth. Chief of stuff on weekdays, chief of edible stuff on the weekends.
Do everything fast and on the move. Able to eat pizza (folded correctly) , curse, rhyme, and j-walk at the same time.

Held every eatery-related job there is. Fortunate to work with a few crazy people who were just trying to make great food…didn’t realize they were culinary supernovas at the time. Once the hook was in,  it only went deeper .Spent everything on food but the rent…the rest was self-taught through travel and long hours. Finding Mrs A, another crazy dreamer, someone who loved cooking as much as I did–now that was the final piece.

Eat corned beef , water soup, or fake cheese no matter how hungry he gets.
Happily suffers from golden age thinking–the romantic notion that a different time period is better than the one one’s living in.
In the morning after a run in Camiguin or Central park, and Mrs A awaiting with an espresso.

They ain't bad solo

They ain’t bad solo…

But together, the A-team doesn’t quit.

Guerrera is their 8th opening since 2011.

It is also the last.

From Day 1, all roads have pointed to Camiguin

and every decision made, sacrifice imposed, and lesson learned along the way

was always to insure Guerrera would eventually have her day.

And it’s finally here.