End of the world promo2020-03-18T02:04:51+00:00

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and we feel fine” promo

Keep your standards high even as you keep your distance.

As always, all dishes are cooked to order, please see menu below.

All of our staff are trained to handle food professionally and in accordance with community safety guidelines.

Promo will continue until ….?

Promo details

All customers, receive an additional 15% discount from the prices on this menu.*

Delivery and pickup is now available and free within Mambajao up until 8pm. Please plan ahead or plan to be patient.  To order call # : 0917 123-1529**

Credit cards also accepted for all orders.  If you pick up, bring card and get ready for a selfie. If delivery,  we will need your email address to send credit card payment form.  You  may send it to [email protected] after placing your order by phone.***

The fine print

*cannot be combined with any other discounts

**350 php minimum order.

***There is a 4% charge assessed by the CC service provider.