Make it special

With seating for 60 , top cuisine, and some of the best views on Camiguin, Guerrera makes an ideal location to hold your next special event. We have extensive experience as hosts and make the process of booking very simple. After you have read the FAQ below, send us an email to get started. We will send you back a menu planning/budgeting worksheet so that you can choose the options that best suit you.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Do you offer buffets?

Answer: No. Never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Even if it was the end of the world. Well maybe then.

Question 2: Why don’t you offer buffets?

Answer: For the same reasons we choose to abstain from dining in buffets ourselves namely that while the food is plentiful the quality is usually very low,  because we can’t see or interact with the people who prepared the food, nor do we know when and how it was made (increasing the chance it’s not sanitary) , because the whole setup is really impersonal and more suitable to grade schools, prisons, and the military, because we don’t ever want to eat all we can when we can eat well instead.

Question #3. If not buffet, what then?

Answer: We offer plated, personal meals, served family style, at the table, offering the cuisine of the guests’ choosing.  It’s even more than efficient a stand-up buffet but it is always high quality, and guests can interact with the chefs , give feedback, make adjustments, and be assured they are getting what exactly they asked for ( because they create and approve the menu).

Question # 4 : How much is the buffet, oops, I  mean the plated meal, per person?

Answer: The very minimum we charge per person is 250 pesos.  We recommend at least 400 per person.