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Fine Asian Street food?

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ingredients and techniques used throughout Asia

approachable, improvised, humble, creative, delicious


The culinary arts, as old as mankind, offer a lifetime of exploration. They are a gift from previous generations to the present, and they cannot be “mastered” by anyone. Even the most celebrated chefs, of any given era, only know a fraction of what is possible in the kitchen and lesser still of the infinite pathways an ingredient may travel to reach it.

To focus too much on what ‘s cooking today, what is commercially viable or successful, what’s accepted as normal, or even state of the art, is to risk losing sight of the enormity of our culinary history…indeterminably greater than we realize, much of it written in anonymity, much more having faded from view.

At Guerrera, we choose to resist this shortsightedness and strive to re-discover and preserve those disappearing arts…those vanishing traditions…those gifts worth fighting for.

Why it matters

It provides a dose of reality in an industry, which includes both producers and consumers, that tends to get caught up in the glare of its own reflection.

It shields one from the trends, styles, marketing-speak, concepts, and ‘must have gadgets’ of the day, which when compared to the vastness of man’s culinary past, are confining and insignificant.
And finally it encourages chef’s to explore and to cook what they like, without certain constraints. Original, traditional, authentic, native, fusion –these are all constructs that fade when viewing the culinary arts through the wide lens of time.


No matter what is in fashion in a given era, there are some culinary attributes that we do consider timeless. In our cooking, we strive to stay grounded in these principles:

Hard work (no short cuts)



    Culinary continuum

    It also means there is likely no such thing as true invention in the kitchen. Everything that is created, at one point or another has already been made before. 

    But rather than discourage creativity, this perspective beckons one to humbly enter a realm just waiting to be re-discovered.

    And perhaps shared.


    If there is one more element that is integral in our cooking it is fun. We do it because we enjoy it. If were not having fun, something’s wrong in the kitchen.

    “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”
    Mark Twain