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Our views on customer feedback

  • Offers a valuable and unique perspective of our business.
  • Can provide learning opportunities for both us and the customer.
  • Best to get it/give it  in-person (so discussion is possible.)
  • It’s perfectly okay to agree to disagree.
  • Separate the personal from the professional. ( do they like/dis-like you or the food?)
  • Listen to all feedback, and if it’s something you agree with, use it constructively.  But don’t change who you are trying to please everybody,  because you can’t.

Our views of online review websites

  • Unreliable.  Most useful as a reference source. ( see more)
  • Corrupted. Rewards those most those willing to break the rules.
  • Absurd. ex: routinely ranking Mcdonald’s higher than Michelin *!
  • Reviews should be read with healthy dose of skepticism.
  • A fact of life in our industry that cannot be ignored.
  • A problem to which we intend to be part of the solution.

Our solution: leave an honest review and sign it!

The single biggest flaw with online reviews is accountability, as most allow you to create an account and leave a review without ever validating your true identity. In fact, they have no way of determining if you are an actual customer or, as is so often the case , a friend or enemy of the establishment being reviewed. ( Note: 40% of online reviews are fake!) The tools they provide to other guests to validate these very important qualifications are utterly useless and it begs the question, why not require reviewers to leave their email address? We will let you ponder the answer to that question but here’s a hint: $

So our simple solution, to “fix the glitch” in the system, is to encourage people to leave reviews here, rather than any 3rd party site.   Say what you’d like but be honest and be prepared to field questions from other customers who may want to follow up with you. We feel our way is more transparent as the name and email  of the reviewer is displayed publicly.  No 3rd party site does it this way and that’s why you really can’t trust them. But don’t trust ours either. Like all reviews, read them with a very healthy dose of skepticism and if the reviewer cannot convince you, do not believe them!

If you posted a review somewhere on the internet and were invited to come here by Guerrera,  this section is also for YOU.  We felt there was something fishy or incomplete about what you wrote and we simply are asking you to restate your review right here. And this time leave your real name and email.  Thank you.

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Here are some of those “read with a healthy dose of skepticism” reviews:

Guerrera. ph Reviews

not for everyone, and better for it

5 5 1
Mid-way through the 3rd course I declared enough was enough. The food was a revelation. As in, I didn't travel half way around the world expecting creative asian dishes of this calibre. Silicon valley, seattle, vancouver yes. Not the philippines, where the food left me uninspired and stuck in places getting by on chicken cordon blue (!!! ?!!) and mac and cheese. The vacation was great, but the food was starting to really get me down until a tricyle driver brought me down to this little piece of rice paddy near the beach. I made sure I texted him [ salamat dude! ],after I ate, and he even brought me back the next day. I saw many of the same tables the previous day so I guess we had all found , " the spot." I tried the chef's tasting menu this time and was really impressed. I was so glad I did it and it was only about 10 bucks! I would have paid 50. My favorite dish was banh xeo and I 've eaten it in Vietnam and in San francisco more times than I can count. Guerrera's was the one I would choose to eat over all of them. That dish has a lot of soul to begin with and they managed to keep it and transform it into something even more interesting. I won't spoil the surprises for you. This time, I got a chance to speak to the owners and give them my thanks. They were a lot younger than i was expecting and I told them how surprising it was to find such a sophisticated restaurant in such a remote place. I also told Mark that I wanted to help and post a review on Trippyadvisor and he said fine, but to consider posting here instead. I listened to his logic, and I TOTALLY didn't agree with it, [apologies mark] because we both know nobody is really going to read this except us and a few random people who are actually curious and still read in this day and age. He said 'that's exactly why, that's just the kind of people we want here.' So this is for you crazy guys. If you're ever on the west coast, you need to contact me and I ll show you all of my spots. yours in food, Roberto [email protected]

outstanding in almost every way

5 5 1
I stayed nearby to Guerrera on a visit to Camiguin and visited after hearing about it at our resort. It is rare when a resort owner who also runs their own restaurant goes out of their way to recommend a competitor so highly. I had also read log books of other former guests rave about Guerrera and they all had similar viewpoints. Not only is this restaurant excellent for this region, an isolated, beautiful island in the Philippines, it would easily be among the best of its kind wherever it was located. For people who really are passionate about food, like I and my my husband are, there is no greater satisfaction when we come across a genuine surprise like Guerrera, where the operators seem to be focused only on creating beautiful food. As I am a curious bird, I strolled around the grounds and was astonished to see how many herbs and vegetables they were growing and even had a young chef's helper walk , with a hand-picked bundles of mint and lettuce, right by me on his way to the kitchen. Later, I saw him grating coconut , by hand, in the back of the property , apparently for our main course. This is the kind of commitment to freshness that you only see at the best restaurants, and the fact that they did it all so discreetly was refreshingly humble. We were not the least bit surprised by the flavors in our spring rolls, chicken rendang, and fried rice rice as by that time, we were expecting something out of this world and Guerrera delivered supremely on all of these dishes. The dishes were not standard in any way , another sign of a professional kitchen, and the flavors and smells were simply incredible. And o my, the sauces! We were provided 4 or 5 different dips, none tasting like those you'd get in supermarket,with bits of garlic, ginger, chilies and herbs sprinkled about the sour liquids. Spicy but just they were also so well-balanced and went perfectly with everything actually. We've been to just about every country in asia, eaten hundreds of meals, and what we tasted this evening, as a whole, was as good as the best we've had. That we were able to enjoy the food with a reasonably priced bottle of wine and a priceless view of the mountain-framed rice paddies made the experience that much more memorable. Our only regret was that we did not learn of Guerrera on our first day and as I re-read older log book entries, I saw this written about 3 times. There are some decent places to eat elsewhere in Camiguin but they are everyday restaurants that you can find in all your journeys. Whereas a place like Guerrera is one where you might never eat at again no matter where you find yourself. Email address: [email protected]

How we use online review sites

( when we travel)

  1. Read, read, read: we will put in plenty of time on various sites using google as a starting place. We would never start anywhere else. Even if we were short on time, we’d still start with google over any app or travel site.
  2. Shortlist: we’d aim to get at least 5 to 10 candidates out of the above research and to do that we pay close attention to the following factors:

The profile of the reviewers themselves: are they young, older, on a budget,from which countries, intelligent, thoughtful, balanced? Do they leave details about the establishment that are helpful, do they reference specifics, do they repeat what others seems to be saying in previous reviews,  or are they just leaving short reviews because they liked the owners or found the experience good on their pocket? If a place seems to be getting a lot of reviews from people that we do not identify with, then we do not shortlist it. If a place  seems to get a good number of well written, seemingly genuine reviews that contains info we are looking for, that place is usually on the shortlist.

The photos of the establishment: reviews can be deceptive but images , less so in the case of reviews.  If the management did not bother to put in high quality photos of their place or simply the product(s) look poor, we move on.

The ratings breakdown: A place with almost all poor ratings is probably poor. A place with a lot of ratings and with a high ratio of favorable ones to poor is a candidate, but there is a fair chance that it is more popular, than good, and therefore over-rated.  Just scan the good ones to get an idea of the reviewer profile to see if these are people that share your values, and check the poor ones to see if the reviews seem genuine or are just attacks from competitors.  Most places hover around the mean, in reality, therefore a place with an unusually low ratio of good to average ratings is probably under-rated and worth reading reviews in more detail. Note: rankings, certificates and other random accolades are totally disregarded and are given how rigged the review game is, usually invite added scrutiny from us.

Owner responses: Any place that has sends a generic review in response to a review is out, as is one that does not directly acknowledge the content of the review, or one that apologizes for everything under the sun.  We like places that stand up for themselves when a reviewer gives them an unfair shake and admits mistakes when they are responsible for them.

Website: any place that does not have its own website is out. Facebook does not count.  Instagram does not count. On a proper website, you can really see how the personality of a place including its pictures, its copy, and how it relates to customers. If the site says little and is just out-sourced o some web designers or does not return email..definitely out.

Blogs, News: Places that get listed in blogs, wikis, news, magazines are worth checking further as that kind of coverage gives a fuller picture.

Locale priorities:  On sites that contain rankings, you can tell a lot about the type of people that live and travel there.  If their top 10 contains mostly buffet restaurants , fast food or large corporate hotels, that’s a place we would not want to go to and would look elsewhere or very deep into the listings.