Welcome to the Guerrera online shop where you can order fresh lettuce and herbs  and arrange pickup and delivery.

Green Products: Lettuces are grown hydroponically on premises,picked to order and packaged in paper materials.

Inventory: we post stock when the produce is ready and inventory is updated in real-time.

Payment options: Cash on Delivery and Paypal.

Free Delivery: for orders over 450 pesos and within 10km of Yumbing

Pickup: We will text or email you when your order is ready for pickup. It should take less than a day.

Walk-in orders: We are not setup for walk-in orders so please use the online system, text or call us to order.

Other products

We can also supply the following as needed by 1/2kg:

Thai basil

Holy Basil

Products Coming soon


Italian Basil


Cilantro ( if seedlings continue to grow and we have surplus)