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We proudly do not offer fixed menus.

Our menus :

are balanced for most tastes and appetites.

are very very small to extremely small

are best enjoyed as a tasting menu

change frequently depending on:

What the fisherman may have caught. (sea is 30 ft away)

What is fresh from our garden and farm. ( 15 feet away)

What is of good quality at the local markets.

What a customer may have requested.

What we feel like creating.

Today’s menu


We have indoor dining and outdoor options available plus seating at the bar.

Both have great views of either the bohol sea, the rice paddies and the volcano, or our open kitchen.

We can fit about 50 people and have room for much more should you wish to have a celebration here.


The following photos are from the last 4 years and represent our work during that period. We will be cooking some of these same dishes and hundreds more in the coming years @ Guerrera.  We are comfortable making many of familiar dishes that customers expect in a South/South East Asian resto. We respectfully also feature less typical dishes of our own making. We ask that diners give us the room to do what we need to do, creatively,  and to let us earn your trust as we all explore the culinary arts. 

  • Thai shimi at Guerrera, seared local tuna served on a fresh sesame leaf with thai chili and hot dipping sauce


Are you a Thai/vietnamese restaurant?

These are questions we get a lot, understandably, and the answer is yes and no. While we do make Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, we also feature food from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, and even the Philippines.

Where’s the pad thai?

We are also not your typical restaurant with a large, fixed menu. We are committed to small, ever-changing menus determined by freshness and improvisation.  So while we might not have a “standard” thai dish on the evening you dine with us, we are sure we will have something you might like even more.



Why book Direct?

We travel a lot too and that’s in part  how we got into this business. When planning a trip we’d shop around the major online travel sites, then visit the hotel websites directly and finally choose the places and deals that were the best. As owners, we want you take that same approach but ultimately, we want you to book directly with us, rather than any 3rd party service because we save on the commissions. Wouldn’t you?

So we’ re going to make it worth your while to book direct. How?

1. The prices we offer on our website are always and will always be cheaper and if you prove us wrong somehow, we will match the price.

2. Direct bookers get 10% off on all food and drink at Guerrera. For most of our clients, cuisine is the main reason they choose us in the first place and the average savings here since we opened is over 150 pesos per person, per day!

3. Free airport pickup and a few other perks. Trust us.

4. Sticking it to the man. We don’t think small businesses should have to pay and other online travel agencies 15% commissions on each booking. What they provide has value but it is nowwhere near that figure. Whenever we travel, we always go out of our way to support the little independently run businesses that work hard to make our vacations better. We think you should too!