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Guerrera Virtual Tours

The following 360 images are of our restaurant and small resort in Camiguin. There is no accommodation that is perfect for everyone, but we hope to show with these photos that we’re ideal for people looking for something different , especially those who enjoy getting back to nature. Camiguin resorts continue to evolve and we’re at a point where the larger corporate hotels are entering. Guerrera is a place that will always stand as a counter-point to these types of resorts and if that appeals to you, we hope you will be out guest someday. If you still have questions , send us an email. If you’re ready to book, click on the calendar at the top of this page or our home page.


The Team@Guerrera

Emmersed in a field of rice, guests enter guerrera down a small bamboo foot path

“To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Nature

These days we seem to experience life through a series of screens of about 4 to 40 inches in size….

And often when we dine out or go on a vacation, not much changes except now we have another type of screen, the room we happen to be in, that also directs our attention inward towards it… at least until we reach for those little screens again.

Be it simple or luxuriously appointed, however, no room can ever be as interesting or as vibrant as the world outside of its four walls, particularly when you’re in a paradise like Camiguin.

View of the rice paddies , room and patio of the Rice Paddy Villa

…So when we set out to design and build Guerrera, there were millions of compromises, hundreds of issues… and that’s just how it goes and you never look backwards…But the one thing we didn’t compromise on was delivering the most memorable and moving views of nature to our guests. We felt that the location we had found, even on an island brimming with beautiful areas, was so uniquely special, that we had to make sure it could be seen and experienced fully by both us and our guests.

The restaurant was built first… without doors and even walls in many areas so these wide perspectives and sight lines would be preserved. Guests, farm animals, breezes, were all meant to pass through easily and no matter where they settled they could see the rice paddies, and the gardens, and the volcano, and white island, and the sun, and the moon and the stars… whenever they decided to come out…

View from a corner table in Guerrera facing Hibok-Hibok and our open kitchen. The beach is on the opposite side. 

When we built our accommodations, instead of maximizing the indoor space,( which are about average in size) our goal was to surround guests with views and so we allocated over 50% of the total space to the outdoors… installing decks and wrap-around patios , and then providing “sticky” features like bath tubs, sofas, rocking chairs and sliding wooden shutters to encourage guests to open up back up to the outdoors.

View of White island, the bohol sea, the rice paddies and the volcano from on top of the Beach Villa (note, the floor has since been topped with smooth bamboo)

In the year or so we’ve rented these villas, we’ve noticed how different that first day can be for people, being so used to the 4 inch screen life ( or it might be the long flights). But for the overwhelming majority of people who give it a chance, they become completely different people in no time and we’ve witnessed so many plans to see the sights of camiguin end up disintegrating right on the veranda , without regret, just after breakfast and just moments before a bottle of wine, a bath, a book or all of the above.

Restored. Re-charged. Re-connected. That’s how people tend to describe the feeling when they leave Guerrera and that’s what the outdoors can do when you let them back in. We hope that someday, when you’re in a rut and needing a new perspective– that you will be our guest.

Camiguin Resort Resort in camiguin