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Where’s Guerrera?


Pearl Street
Rocky Village, Yumbing
Mambajao, Camiguin


Guerrera in Camiguin
Guerrera is located in a rice paddy, on the shores of the Bohol Sea. It sits directly across from White Island and near the base of Mount Hibok-Hibok–two of Camiguin’s most well-known natural landmarks.

Getting here
Once you’re in Camiguin, take the main road that goes around the island to Yumbing ( where White Island is located)  and turn towards the sea ( that is, opposite direction of the mountain) when you see the signs for Guerrera or Paras resort or Luna’s ristorante. Once you reach the sea, turn right and take the road as far as it goes ( about 300 meters over cement then dirt road) and then enter the main gate where the parking lot is.  Look for orange lights. Very easy. The second time.

Yumbing national high school
Paras Resort
White Island boat terminal

What you should know about travel to Camiguin

  1. It’s easiest to reach by plane from Cebu via Cebu Pacific, which currently flies to Camiguin 4 times a week. And it only takes about 30 minutes! Check flights on Cebu pacific’s website.
  2. You should avoid flying in to Cagayan de oro as the new airport is a bit too far to be practical.
  3. It’s hardest if you depend on boats from Mindanao or Bohol simply because schedules for those ships can change rapidly, and you really cannot be assured of travel until you are actually on the water. If you plan ahead, a flight is not much more expensive than the boat and it is very easy.